Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 45th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2020 - ONLINE , (DFI)

Improvement of Toe Resistance of Drilled Shaft Foundations Using Smart Cells
Antonio Marinucci, PhD, MBA, PE, Mario A. Terceros Herrera, Mario Terceros Arce

A Smart Cell is a closed-type tip post-grouting device that is attached to the bottom of the steel reinforcement cage of a drilled shaft and is used to enhance performance and to reduce uncertainty thereof. Control of the grout is maintained within the device during injection and a uniform stress is imparted across entire base area simultaneously, inducing a pre-mobilization load into the shaft as well as the soil. This paper describes the construction and tip post-grouting of drilled shafts from two bridge projects in the Santa Cruz, Bolivia region along the Paraí River. During the grouting process at each project site, there were noticeable differences in the grouting pressures achieved and responses observed, even within short distances between shafts. For this project, the greater benefit of using the Smart Cells was the reduction of risk and uncertainty of performance due to the highly variable soil conditions. Ultimately, since the response of each shaft was observed during grouting and because a “minimum” value of shaft resistance (i.e., pre-mobilization of load) was measured, there is a greater reliability with the anticipated performance of the shafts when axial loading is eventually applied.

 article #3721; publication #1073 (AM-2020)