Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Fourth International Conference - Piling and Deep Foundations, 1991, Stresa, Italy, (DFI)

13 Strengthening the Foundation of the Church at Skien, Norway by the Root-Filling Method
B.E. Lundahl; Stabilator AB, Danderyd, Sweden

A number of methods for restoring foundations of old buildings and underpinning heavy structures have been developed around the worlds during the last decades In Scandinavia STABILATOR and SKANSKA have highly modernized an old method where injured and rotting parts of wooden pile- and raft foundations earlier were removed manually and replaced by structural concrete. Today the new ROOTFILLING method uses jetwater for excavating and cutting the destroyed material and modern grouting techniques for undercasting. All is done under remote control. This paper presents the application on the foundation of the Skien church in Norway. The method has proved to be environmentally friendly with low levels of noise, dust and vibration. It also very much improves the working conditions for people executing the job. The method is well suited for step by step strengthening of foundations at a technically and economically suitable pace.

 article #453; publication #37 (IC-1991-IT)