Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Fourth International Conference - Piling and Deep Foundations, 1991, Stresa, Italy, (DFI)

Predicting the Bearing Capacity of Sheet Piles Under Vertical Load
M.G. Bustamante & L. Gianeselli; Laboratorie Central des Ponts et Chaussees, Paris, France

In connection with joint research on the behavior and bearing of vertically loaded sheet piling, Unimetal and the Foundations Section of the LCPC have carried out a series of full-scale tests on box pile and wall elements, driven in the dense sands of the Dunkirk area and in the plastic clays of the North of France. The tests were on wall elements made up of 4 sheet piles of the Larssen IIs and IIn types, embedded 7.5 m and 12 m deep in the soils. The box piles were made of welded Larssen IIs elements. The sheet piles were fitted with removable extensometers or bonded gauges to determine the load distribution along the sheet piles and so be able to estimate the unit skin friction and point resistance. Based on the measurements made, an original method of estimating the bearing capacities of sheet pile walls and open box piles based on pressuremeter, CPT, and SPT tests has been imagined. Generally, the tests have shown that sheets of piles can carry large vertical loads, suggesting that they can be used more often as foundations for civil engineering works or buildings.

 article #468; publication #37 (IC-1991-IT)