Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Fourth International Conference - Piling and Deep Foundations, 1991, Stresa, Italy, (DFI)

42 Founding in Dolomitic Formations in Southern Africa with a History of the Development of the Design and Installation of Predrilled Precast Piles
H.G. Norton; Esor Geotechnical Engineering Pty Ltd, South Africa\ G.S. Paterson; Transline Pty Ltd, South Africa

South African dolomites, particularly those in the Transvaal, have a notorious reputation as a result of the devastation caused by sinkholes and other subsidences during the past three decades. This paper is presented in two parts, the first part deals briefly with problems associated with dolomitic formations, their distribution in Southern Africa, site investigation and classification techniques and various foundation solutions. The second part deals with a case history of the installation of precast piles in predrilled holes in the Pretoria area in South Africa. The design philosophy and pile installation procedures are discussed together with some of the inherent pitfalls and problems associated with these formations.

 article #482; publication #37 (IC-1991-IT)