Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Fourth International Conference - Piling and Deep Foundations, 1991, Stresa, Italy, (DFI)

Tubex Grout Injected Pile & Loading Test
E. Revoort; Funderingstechnieken Verstraeten B.V., Oostburg, Netherlands E. Janse; Delft Geotechnics, Delft, Netherlands

Fundex BV in Oosterburg Holland was awarded the contract to install over 200 Tubex grout injected piles. Required bearing capacities were in several locations up to 3150 kN/pile. The site was at the Coolsingel in Rotterdam, where the new building of the Mees & Hope Bank is to arise. The original proposed pile system consisted of the installation of large diameter ( 900mm) bored piles. As a result of the very tight available working space in a 6 m deep original basement area, the conditions to execute this system were not appropriate. Also the discharge and disposal of the, partly contaminated, soil would become difficult. The idea to install Tubex grout injection piles as a fully soil displacement and vibration free system became very attractive both on economical and executional aspects. However, to convince all involved parties, the previous load tests carried out on various other projects, did not seem to justify the calculated bearing capacities. Delft Geotechnics has carried out one load test on a Tubex grout injection pile by order of Fundex B.V. The aim of the load test was to determine if in this case the allowable load on the piles should exceed the value originally advised by Delft Geotechnics. The advice was based on test results, which were available at the time. However, these tests were not carried out under identical circumstances. Load test results of a Tubex grout injection pile, installed in a very dense pile field and with a relatively large embedding in a sandlayer, with cone resistance of 10 to 25 MPa, as in the present project, were not available. The principles of the installation method of these Tubex grout injection piles is indicated and also describes this paper the program of test loading and the results determined.

 article #484; publication #37 (IC-1991-IT)