Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Fourth International Conference - Piling and Deep Foundations, 1991, Stresa, Italy, (DFI)

Use of Highly Stressed Piles to Control Settlement
C.N. Baker, Jr; STS Consultants Ltd, USA B.E. Smith; SKS Associates, USA H. Nielsen; Uzun Structural Engineering Inc., USA

The paper describes a design concept which uses a minimum number of piles stressed to the ultimate soil capacity to reduce and control settlement of a reinforced concrete mat foundation. A case history is used to illustrate the design concept. The case history also involved the use of the Pile Driving Analyzer to monitor pile driving performance and pile capacity. Strain gages were attached on selected piles and earth pressure cells were installed beneath the mat to monitor how the load was ultimately distributed between piles and the mat. Installation difficulties resulted in defective strain gages and questionable data. However, relatively consistent pressure cell data generally confirmed the basic design concept although greater than predicted load appears to have been carried by the mat, indicating stiffer subgrade soil than anticipated.

 article #488; publication #37 (IC-1991-IT)