Publication Abstract

DFI/NCSU/ASCE Seminar, "Design and Construction Options for Heavy Load Bearing Foundations, 1988, Raleigh, NC", (DFI)

The Advantages of Arbitration
John B. Tieder, Jr., Attorney; Watt, Tieder, Killian & Hoffar

Arbitration Defined Enforceability of Agreement to Arbitrate: Uniform Arbitration Act, Federal (US) Arbitration Act, & International Agreements Procedures: Set by Contract, American Arbitration Association, & Multi-Party Arbitration Advantages: Speed of Resolution, Resolution of Disputes on a Case-by-Case Basis, Expertise, Overall Costs, Privacy, Finality, & Punitive Damages How to Make Arbitration Work Better: Designation of Arbitrators, Continuous Hearings, Limitations on Discovery & Presentations, Allocation of Fees & Costs, & Payment on Attorneys' Fees

 article #5; publication #33 (NC-1988)