Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Fourth International Conference - Piling and Deep Foundations, 1991, Stresa, Italy, (DFI)

A Finite Element Model for the Design of Pile Foundations
M. Tanzini; ELC Electroconsult, Milan, Italy

The prediction of the load - settlement diagram of a driven pile by a finite element analysis is described and is later on compared with the results of the field loading test. The approach based on the finite element method has the advantage of permitting to take into account all the various factors which influence the problem as boundary conditions, the presence of the water table, the stratigraphy of the soil and the non linear behavior of soil. The pile and soil have been discretized into 4 node quadrilateral isoparametric elements of axialsimmetric type. The analysis of the loading test results has been carried out using seven methods for the graphical evaluation of the ultimate failure load (Mazurkiewicz, Davisson, Brinch-Hansen, De Beer, Chin, Van der Veen, Fuller and Hoy). The results obtained are compared to those derived from the finite element analysis. The prediction has been quite reliable for both the value of the failure load and the amount of the settlement.

 article #506; publication #37 (IC-1991-IT)