Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Second International Conference - Piling and Deep Foundations, 1987, Luxembourg, (DFI)

Application of, and Experience with, an Electronically-Controlled Hydraulic Piling Hammer
D. Arentsen; IHC Hydrohammer, The Netherlands

Changing environmental laws, new operating requirements and the increasing accuracy with which the bearing capacity of driven piles can be calculated have all led to the development of hydraulic piling hammers, some very primitive, others very advanced. Users find it difficult to decide which model is the most suitable, because the specifications are neither uniform nor unambiguous. There are no standard specifications and, moreover, the majority of hammers are suitable only for a limited range of applications. For the user, however, it is important to choose a hammer , which will meet future as well as current requirements and will not quickly become obsolete or be unsuitable for a particular job. In this presentation we shall examine the requirements to be imposed on a modern piling hammer and the experience gained from using a modern hammer of the hydraulic type. We shall also deal with developments in the area of foundation technology which are rendered feasible by the use of such a hammer. In conclusion we shall plead for the introduction by all hammer manufacturers of standard specifications which, moreover, must be verified by an independent body.

 article #595; publication #40 (IC-1987)