Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Second International Conference - Piling and Deep Foundations, 1987, Luxembourg, (DFI)

Computation of the Load/Settlement Behavior of HP-Bearing Piles
Dr.Ir. E.E. de Beer; State University Ghent/Belgium Ir. L. Weber; TradeARBED/Luxembourg

This paper describes a method for the determination of the settlement of an individual H-bearing pile, based on the results of CPT-tests. As implied by the nature of the problem, no analysis performed on one pile can be regarded as generally valid for a whole piling foundation project because, even on one site, the pile behavior varies from one pile to another. Consequently, no precise mathematical analysis has been established; the proposed procedure represents a simple model for the determination of the probable settlement behavior of an H-pile under a compressive load. Prior to the settlement computations, the rupture load and the resistance distribution along the pile have to be determined. Since the method for the determination of the H-pile bearing cap. from the results of CPT tests has been described elsewhere (de Beer, 1971,72; de Beer et al., 1982; Arbed, 1985), no details will be given in this paper. The proposed method is valid for both uniform and non-uniform H-piles. The computed results have been satisfactorily compared to the static loading tests performed on different types of piles in clayey and sandy soils during an ECSE research program on H-bearing piles (1983-1987).

 article #597; publication #40 (IC-1987)