Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Second International Conference - Piling and Deep Foundations, 1987, Luxembourg, (DFI)

Driving and Testing of 75m long H-Piles in Shanghai
Lucien Weber; TradeARBED, Luxembourg

In the Shanghai area, the soil conditions are such that bearing piles have become an essential foundation part of the new high-rise buildings. In order to reduce the settlements under the high working loads of about 2300 kN/pile, the Chinese building authorities require the pile tip to penetrate into the compact sand layer, situated at approximately 60-70m depth. No H-piles have yet been tested under these conditions in Shanghai. This paper describes the driving of 8 H-bearing piles with 4 different shapes and with lengths varying from 45 to 75m. Dynamic measurements are performed during driving and after a wait time of approximately 40 hours in order to assess the change in bearing capacity in function of time and in order to get an idea about the resistance distribution along the piles by using a stress wave analysis program (CAPWAP). One pile is equipped with channels between the flanges for executing verticality measurements with an inclinometer. However, this test has not yet been performed. One month after driving, two piles of 75m length are statically loaded both in vertical and in horizontal directions.

 article #600; publication #40 (IC-1987)