Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Second International Conference - Piling and Deep Foundations, 1987, Luxembourg, (DFI)

Bearing Capacity of Piles Using Cavity Expansion Theory
R. Bellotti; ENEL-CRIS, Milan, Italy V.N. Ghionna; Technical University of Turin, Turin, Italy R.D. Holtz; Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana and Studio Geotecnico Italiano, Milan, Italy M. Jamiolkowski; Technical University of Tur

The theory of cavity expansion in an infinite frictional soil mass whose strength is represented by a curved Mohr- Coulomb failure envelope has been used to predict with some confidence the cone resistance of a clean dry sand. Experimental data were obtained from cone penetration and pressuremeter tests on two sands, conducted in a large calibration chamber (CC) under carefully controlled placement and boundary conditions. A plane strain bearing capacity theory was developed, and to convert the results to axisymmetric conditions, an empirical "shape factor" was used. In the paper, the theoretical background, experimental data, calculation procedure, and the results of the analysis are presented. In general, a reasonable validation of the cavity expansion approach to the bearing capacity of deep foundations has been obtained.

 article #606; publication #40 (IC-1987)