Publication Abstract

Proceedings - DFI Specialty Seminar, "Augered Cast-In-Place Piles Seminar- 2001, Pittsburgh, PA", (DFI)

Augered Cast-in-Place Concrete Piles in Flood Plains
Javaid M. Alvi, Walter M. Lorence, Betty J. Murphy

This paper is an attempt to outline the emergence of Augered Cast-in-Place piles as one of the more economical types of foundation for supporting high-rise buildings and heavily loaded structures recently constructed in the flood plains in and around the Greater Pittsburgh area. To understand the process of selecting foundation types, it is important to understand the general geology of the area and past construction activities that have taken place in the flood plains, especially along the riverbanks, during the last century. The first part of this paper presents a brief description of the general geology of the are; the second part of the paper concentrates on the historical evolution of the use of deep foundations and selected case histories; and the last part presents the results of load tests on large diameter Augered Tremie Concrete (ATC) Piles placed in sandy alluvium which suggests a much larger load-carrying capacity of these piles and also provides an insight into their future application.

 article #767; publication #53 (ACIP-2001)