Publication Abstract

Proceedings - DFI Specialty Seminar, "Augered Cast-In-Place Piles Seminar- 2001, Pittsburgh, PA", (DFI)

Predicting ACIP Pile Settlement Using Case Histories
Christopher M. Kenney, P.E.

This paper analyzes ACIP pile case histories from throughout the country and demonstrates that ACIP pile settlement under applied load is consistent, predictable, and very similar to the documented behavior of drilled shafts. This paper also presents a simple but accurate method of estimating ACIP pile settlement at the design load, and illustrates the need to estimate the equivalent diameter of the as-built ACIP pile when estimating pile behavior. Finally, this paper presents back-calculated values of the drained elastic modulus from the ACIP pile case histories that may be useful to those using more sophisticated methods of estimating ACIP pile settlement.

 article #772; publication #53 (ACIP-2001)