Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 21st Annual Members' Conference, 1996, San Francisco, CA, (DFI)

Design and Construction of the Foundation for Underwater World at Pier 39, San Francisco
Larry P. Goldfarb & George C. Fotinos

Underwater World, developed by Tarlton Aquistar L.P. is a multi-level, 4,460-sq m (48,000 sq. ft) aquarium located at the southeast corner of Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Wharf on San Francisco Bay. Large diameter, prestressed, hollow, concrete cylinder piles were chosen to support the aquarium and structure loads. These piles were selected to provide the necessary stiffness and strength and to facilitate a cast-in-place, ductile connection to the cast-in-place concrete deck. The geotechnical and seismic conditions, aspects of the structural design, and the pile installation methods and pile vibration monitoring performed are presented. The Underwater World project demonstrated that large diameter cylinder piles are an effective alternative to using several smaller piles for wharf structures designed for heavy loadings in areas with difficult driving conditions.

 article #87; publication #18 (AM-1996)