Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 25th Annual Members' Conference and Eighth International Conference and Exposition, 2000, New York NY, (DFI)

A Decade of Concrete Embedded Walls in UK
Robert Fernie, Michael C. Putnam

Demographics and Infrastructure demands have led to a significant increase in construction of: deep basements for buildings and, trough structures for Highway and Rail/Metro. Concrete embedded walls used for temporary works can be incorporated into permanent works and because of this (and geological conditions) tend to be favored in UK. This paper considers British practice in the provision of diaphragm (slurry) walls, secant (true and pseudo) piled walls and contiguous piled walls. Plant utilisation, construction techniques, reinforcement placement, connections, propping, water tightness, tolerances, general UK practices and their relation to design practices are discussed.

 article #882; publication #54 (AM-2000)