Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 25th Annual Members' Conference and Eighth International Conference and Exposition, 2000, New York NY, (DFI)

Dynamic and Static Loading Tests of Piles for Bridges in Surinam
W.J. van Niekerk, J.P.G. Ramler, P. de Kort

Ballast Nedam is in Surinam constructing two bridges that will improve communications in the coastal region. The bridges will cross the Coppenam and Surinam rivers and will be founded on open-ended steel piles over 60 meters in length. The majority of piles are inclined and support prefabricated concrete girders forming the roadway. In most locations the stratum is consolidated cohesive layers extending to a depth in excess of 60 meters. For this reason, before pile driving operations commenced, it was decided that a number of test loads would be carried out to determine the capacity of the piles. Loading tests were carried out on specially installed piles as well as on piles that would be used as working piles to support the structure. Working piles were dynamically tested using Pile Driving Analysis (PDA) equipment. This decision was based on the inclination of the piles, the cohesive nature of the soil and the increase of strength after the piles are driven. A good insight has been obtained into the real strength of the soil by comparing dynamic and static loading tests on vertical test piles. This made it possible to determine the required length of pile.

 article #890; publication #54 (AM-2000)