Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 25th Annual Members' Conference and Eighth International Conference and Exposition, 2000, New York NY, (DFI)

Site Solutions for the Pisa Tower Remediation
Paolo Heiniger

The aim of this paper is to present the operative solutions devised and then adopted to implement the underexcavation (soil extraction) of the Tower of Pisa, by means of soil extraction. The intervention has been performed by the Consorzio Progetto Torre di Pisa, a joint venture made of five qualified Italian companies (Trevi S.p.A., Rodio S.p.A., Italsonda S.p.A., Ismes-Enel Hydro S.p.A., Bonifica S.p.A.) selected for their experience in the field of monitoring and restoration of monuments, structural design, foundation engineering and specialized works in underground conditions. Since 1991 the Consorzio has been charged with the specific task of implementing, within the contractual frame of a Concession, all the decisions made by the International Multidisciplinary Commission appointed by the Italian Government the previous year with the aim at solving the of the Tower, strengthening the structure and stabilizing its foundation. The Trevi Group, which is represented by Trevi S.p.A. in the above-mentioned Consorzio, has given and is giving its direct and constant contribution and is engaged in supplying the special equipment to the operation and the drilling technology which has been successfully adopted to date.

 article #923; publication #54 (AM-2000)