(DFIJ-I) DFI Journal: Vol I November 2007

article# description author(s)
1538 Design and Construction of the Sutong Bridge Foundations Robert B. Bittner; Dr. Osama Safaqah; Xigang Zhang; Ole Juul Jensen
1539 Deep Diaphragm Wall Activities at RandstadRail Project in Rotterdam, The Netherlands Klaus Pöllath; Frank Haehnig; Johannes Glückert
1540 Design of Drilled Shafts Supporting Sound Walls Ke Yang; Robert Y. Liang; Jamal Nusairat; Naser Abu-Hejleh
1541 Ground Movements – A Hidden Source of Loading on Deep Foundations Harry G. Poulos
1542 Rapid Lateral Load Testing of Deep Foundations Dan A. Brown
3398 From the Editors