(DFIJ-VII) DFI Journal: Vol VII: 2 Issues (No. 1 Jul 2013 and No. 2 Dec 2013)

article# description author(s)
3313 Commentary on the Selection, Design and Specification of Ground Improvement for Mitigation of Earthquake-Induced Liquefaction The Ground Improvement Committee of DFI
3314 Liquefaction Mitigation Synthesis Report Timothy C. Siegel, P.E., G.E., D.GE
3315 Grouted Micropiles for Foundation Remediation in Expansive Soil (8th Michael W. O'Neil Lecture) John D. Nelson, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE.; Kuo-Chieh Chao, Ph.D., P.E.; Daniel D. Overton, M.S., P.E.; Zachary P. Fox, M.S.; and Jesse S. Dunham-Friel, M.S., P.E.
3316 Relationship between Installation Torque and Axial Capacities of Helical Piles in Cohesive Soils Mohammed Sakr, Ph.D., P.Eng.
3317 Ultimate Lateral Resistance of Piles in Cohesive Soil Lassaad Hazzar, Mourad Karray, Mounir Bouassida and Mahmoud N. Hussien
3318 Direct Solution of the Brinch-Hansen 90% Pile Ultimate Failure Load Don W. Dotson, Ph.D., PE, DGE
3319 A Driveability Study of Precast Concrete Piles in Dense Sand Paul Doherty and David Igoe
3320 Ant Colony Optimization Method for Design of Piled-Raft Foundations (DFI 2013 Student Paper Competition Winner) Hessam Yazdani, Kianoosh Hatami and Elahe Khosravi
3321 Piezocone Penetration Testing in Florida High Pile Rebound Soils Fauzi Jarushi, Ph.D.; Paul J. Cosentino, Ph.D., P.E.; Edward H. Kalajian, Ph.D., P.E.
3322 Factors Affecting the Reliability of Augered Cast-In-Place Piles in Granular Soil at the Serviceability Limit State (DFI 2013 Young Professor Paper Competition Winner) Armin W. Stuedlein, Ph.D., P.E. and Seth C. Reddy, E.I.
3323 A Review of the Design Formulations for Static Axial Response of Deep Foundations from CPT Data (DFI 2013 Student Paper Competition Runner-Up) Fawad S. Niazi, Dr. Paul W. Mayne (Research Advisor)
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3409 From the Editors and Publisher