(AM-1991) Proceedings of the 16th Annual Members' Conference, 1991, Chicago, IL
Recognizing Solutions to Today's Problems and Defining Tomorrow's Challenges

article# description author(s)
159 Present to Future Design Considerations of Deep Foundations William S. Gardner
160 Effects of Mineral and Polymer Slurries on Drilled Shafts Michael W. O'Neill
161 Resolution Of Prestressed Concrete Pile Splice Problems David siu - Klohn Leonoff Ltd. Alex Sy - Klohn Leonoff Ltd. Dr. Bengt H. Fellenius - University of Ottawa
162 Comparison Of Static Pile Analysis And Load Test Results Alan B. Wagner - STS Consultants Ltd.
163 Reliability Of Pile Prediction Methods Dr. M.T. Davisson - Consulting Engineer
164 A Case Study Supporting The Need For A Rational Method For Design And Installation Of Vibratory Driven Piles Franklin M. Grynkewicz - GZA Geo Environmental, Inc. William R. Beloff - GZA Geo Environmental, Inc. Theodore Kirk - Perini Corporation
165 Reducing Downdrag Loads With Bitumen Dr. Jean-Louis Briaud - Texas A & M University
166 Permanent Displacement And Pile Driving Vibrations Dr. Charles H. Dowding - Northwestern University
167 Augered Pressure Grouted Piles In Complex Glacial Soils - A Case History Peter J. Jancich - Berkel & Company Contractors Inc. Michael S. Robinson - Testing Service Corporation
168 Rock Socket Friction In Drilled Shafts - It's Greater Than You Think Dr. Jorj O. Osterberg - Consulting Engineer
169 Application Of High-Strength Concrete To Drilled Shafts Dr. A.E. Fiorato - Portland Cement Association R.G. Burg - Construction Technology Laboratories, Inc.
170 Construction And Design Of Drilled Shafts In Hard Pinnacle Limestones Dr. Dan A. Brown - Auburn University Presented by Hal McKewen - Case International Company
171 Prediction And Performance Of Drilled Shafts Constructed Under Slurry Clyde N. Baker, Jr. - STS Consultants Ltd.
172 Foundation In The Urban Environment - The Need For Unique Installation Methods James J. Cahill - Case International Company
173 Limitations Of Predicting Deformations During Excavation In Soft Clay Dr. Richard J. Finno - Northwestern University
174 Unusual Solutions To Difficult Earth Retention And Underpinning Projects Larry Rayburn - Richard Goettle, Inc. Doug Keller - Richard Goettle, Inc.
175 The Construction And Performance Of Prestressed Ground Anchors In Soils And Soft Rocks: A Personal Overview Dr. Donald A. Bruce - Nicholson Construction of America
176 Installation And Performance Of Interlocking Drilled Shaft And Tieback Shoring System
177 Constructability Of Tieback Wall Systems Thomas C. Anderson - Schnabel Foundation Company
178 History Of Chicago Foundation Systems And Underground Construction Theodore R.J Maynard - Chief Soils Engineer, City of Chicago
179 Minipiles And Postgrouted Bored Piles - Two Techniques for special site conditions Stefan K. Schwank - Bauer Spezialtiefbau Gmbh
180 Underpinning By Jet Grouting George K. Burke - Hayward Baker Inc. Joseph P. Welsh - Hayward Baker Inc.
181 Getting Paid In Hard Times Dennis J. Riley - Elliott, Bray & Riley Sari Karson Kirkland - Elliot, Bray & Riley