(AM-1988) Proceedings of the 13th Annual Members' Conference, 1988, Atlanta, GA
Deep Foundations In Urban Areas

article# description author(s)
252 The Use of Small Diameter Inserts as Piles and Insitu Reinforcement Dr. Donald A. Bruce; Nicholson Construction Company
253 Groundwater Control in the Urban Environment Robert G. Lenz; Moretrench American Corporation J. Patrick Powers; AQUON
254 The 50 States Highway Department Specs Alan G. MacKinnon, P.E.; The Foundation Equipment Corp.
255 You Can't Drive Pile Because of the Vibration Jerry A. Steding; Steding Pile Driving Corporation
256 Vibrational Considerations Involved with Deep Foundation Placement in the Urban Environment Randy W. Denman Charles W. Trettel
257 New Piling System with Multi-Head Hammer Drill Capable of Drilling Including 35,000 PSI Rock Junichiro Nakayama; Tone Boring Company, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
899 Advanced Soil Nailing Design - Improved Reliability and Predictability of Wall Performance Reinhard Gnilsen, F. David Shiver, Wolfgang Untergerger
900 Tieback Supported Walls in Urban Environments Ernest D. Brandl
901 Common Sense Changed Conditions Bert R. Oastler
902 Augered Cast-in-Place Piles James J. Neate
903 A New Type of Wave Equation Analysis Program Don c. Warrington PE
898 Soil Nailing: Overview of Design Methods Victor Elias