(IC-1994) Proceedings - Fifth International Conference & Exhibition on Piling and Deep Foundations, 1994, Bruges, Belgium

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776 John Mitchell Memorial Address: Promoting engineering - The role of effective communication Prof. T.J. Poskitt PhD DSc Ceng FICE FIStructE
777 Compression & uplift static capacity of driven concrete piles M. Hussein, B. Jory & M. Sharp
778 Improving the capacity of piles in rock through the use of expansive cement additives C.M. Haberfield, S. Baycan & J.P. Seidel
779 A piled raft interaction model Prof. Dr. Ir. W.F. VanImpe
780 Static and cyclic model pile tests in sand Dr. Ir. S. Kanai & Prof. Dr. Ir W.F. VanImpe
781 A comparison of different sheet-pile installation methods C. Legrand, D. Van Rompaey, J. Menten
782 Design guidelines for screw anchors C.A. Carville & R.W. Walton
783 Capacity of jacked-down piles I.H. Wong
784 Efficient driving of precast concrete piles Prof A.F. van Weele & Dr. A.J.G. Schellingerhout
785 Use of high capacity piles in bridge foundations with full scale test results J.A. Mason
786 Researches into the behaviour of high capacity pin piles Dr. D.A. Bruce & P.J. Nicholson
787 Pile capacity as a function of time in clayey and sandy soils M. Svinkin, C.M. Morgano & M. Morvant
788 Exposure tests of mild steels and organic coatings in tropical marine environments T. Kurisu, C. Shiotani, Y. Ito, T. Nakamura, M. Otuki & T. Asama
789 Design & construction considerations for piles in landfills E.E. Rinne, R.J. Dunn & M. Majchrzak
790 An interesting solution for deepened railroads (V-Polder) G. Oudakker, J. Boneveld & H. Spek
791 HFV amplitude control vibratory hammers: piling efficiency without the vibration inconvenience C. Houze
792 A new method of installing synthetic liners in deep diaphragm walls for the vertical enclosure of contaminated sites K. Krubasik & F. Hupert
793 Expert system for estimating noise and vibration emissions during pile-driving of sheet piles and steel beams M.K. Funk & W.J. Gerasch
794 The use of sheet-piling for the encapsulation of abandoned landfills Prof Dr Ing H.L. Jessberger, Dr. Ing. M. Geil & G.H. Pursch
795 Prediction of installation of sheet piles using vibratory hammers M.W. Bielefeld
796 Emergency spill basin (patent pending) H.C.M. Breek & H.C. v/d Waal
797 Ground compaction settlement caused by vibrations from vibrodriving of piles Dr. A. Selby & R.A.P. Bement
798 Prediction and control of vibrations due to pile driving and sheet pile vibration P.H. Waarts & M.W. Bielefeld
799 Experimental modelling of end bearing piles in sand M. Aboutaha, G. de Roeck & Prof Dr. Ir. W.F. VanImpe
800 Steel pipe pile foundations for large structures in difficult soil conditions J. Hartikainen & J. Heinonen
801 Application of double tube grout pile to an offshore jacket structure supported in rocky bed K. Kato & H. Oumi
802 Static and dynamic testing of steel tubular piles for a LNG loading facility in Brunei C.D. Parkinson & Ir. A.Q.C. van der Horst
803 Dynamic testing of large capacity precast concrete piles in the Port of Long Beach Dr. A.E. Holeyman & K. Bhushan
804 Friction piles in sand - prediction of bearing capacity and load/displacement curve L. Jendeby, K. Rankka & C. Noren
805 Recent large scale diaphragm wall constructions by submersible motormills in Japan J. Nakayama
806 A comparison between measured and calculated bearing capacity of piles C. Cherubini, L. Cucchiararo, T. Iaccarini
807 Predictions of load-settlement relations of steel pipe piles from dynamic load testing M. Hayashi, T. Okamoto, F. Kanai & T. Matsumoto
808 Kinetic and dynamic loading tests of a cast-in-place concrete pile K. Yamashita, M. Kakurai, M. Chosokabe & T. Fukuhara
809 Recent Experience with the OMEGA-Pile M. Bottiau & G. Cortvrindt
810 The pile driving controller, a new tool for pile driving quality control P. Middendorp & F.M. Middeldorp
811 Cut-off walls by hydrofraise by the one-state method Jorn Seitz & Soren Hass
812 The role of driven pile instrumentation M. England
813 Electrohydrodynamic effect - piles and their application in erection of buildings and constructions on weak soils Prof S. N. Sotnikov & A.L. Egorov
814 Full Scale Loading Tests on Instrumented Piles R.M.S. Maiorano, A. Mandolini & G.P. Russo
815 Quality control at Pier NB-2 A. Komornik & J.M. Amir
816 Comparison of pile loading tests and the phenomenon of heave, Sachsen paper mill Eilenburg, Germany S. Doornbos, E. Revoort, O. Schoo, Ed Zublin & O. Tirkkonen
817 Modified hardening slurry for installation of steel piles L. Rafalski
818 Pile loading tests and corrective actions for anomalies detected in large bored piles M. Bustamante & Y. Zaczek
819 Survey of the realisation, detection of anomalies and grouting of large bored piles Y. Zaczek & P. Debauche
820 Little details lead to costly mistakes: problems in design and construction of foundations J.L. Walkinshow
821 Foundation of a 50,000 ton sugar silo on CFA-piles H. Eriksson, w. Rankka & L. Jendeby
822 Soil investigation for pile foundations W. Rodatz & B. Weinholz
823 Installation and testing of a new vibration-free piling system, the Europile H. de Kruiff & T.N.J. Vinks
824 Correlation of safety measures from deterministic and reliability-based approaches for pile Foundation Design Dr. R.B. Abmalik & Dr. T.F. Wolff
825 Dangers of using geofabrics in cast-in-situ bored piles S. S. Rao
826 Railway over the Oude Maas - bottleneck for shipping and railway traffic J.H.E. Tinke & H. deKruiff
827 Simultaneous Loading Tests of Steel Piles by Dynamic and Static Methods N. Kawabarta, M. Hayashi, Y. Wakiya, Y. Kobayashi & S. Nishimura
828 Soil improvement through mechanical deep mixing treatment in Thailand F. Pagliacci & G. Pagotto
829 Loading tests on bored piles for foundations of motorway viaducts. A case history the Kinaii-Sakarya motorway, Turkey A. Clerici, L. Griffini & M. Pagni Frette
830 Comparative study of static loading test and statnamic on a steel pipe pile driven in a soft rock T. Matsumoto, M. Tsuzuki & Y. Michi
831 Long term monitoring of negative skin friction in driven piles installed in reclaimed land K.K.S. Ho & S.H. Mak
832 A new analysis method of double sheet-pile wall structures T. Mizutani, Y. Wakiya, K. Uno & S. Kitagawa
833 Performance of two steel H-Piles founded in weathered meta-siltstone T.S.K. Lam, S.H. Tse, C.K. Cheung & A.K.Y. Lo
834 The observational method in value engineering A.J. Powderham & P. Rutty
835 Friedrichstadt Passagen Project, Berlin. Deep excavation for multi-basement commercial and car parking facilities G. Tamaro, A. Brand, C. Sanger & C. DeBenedittis
836 Foundation with piled rafts in slide sensitive area C. Alen
837 Compensated foundations at Angel Square, London L.J. Whitworth, R.G. Lee, A.J. Turner & A.R. Mehjoo
838 Base & shaft-grouted bored Pile foundations for the first residential complex, Giza, Egypt R.J. Robson & A. Wahby
839 Special requirements to Steel Sheet Piling for New Highway Structures F. Hubert and P. Schroeder
840 Navy pier dock expansion static and dynamic test program P.J. Hannigan, S.D. Webster, R.K. Lukas & C.M. McComb
841 Slender small diameter piles with very high bearing capacity A.L. Garassino & M. Nesti
842 Full-scale failure tests on lateral loading cast-in-place concrete piles M. Kimura, K. Kosa & Y. Morita
843 The behaviour of continuous flight augered piles in soft clay A. Lyndon, G.J.W. King & E.a. Dickin
844 A case of a rock mass consolidation for foundation purposes J. Matos e Silva & F. Machado
845 Construction of piles of high bearing capacity in compacted sandy soil T. Tsuchiya & M. Kakurai
846 Equipment for the construction of a coal loading wharf, Gladstone Harbour, Australia C.F. Rasmusson
847 Drilled-grouted piles in thick loess in China T. Huang, G. Sui, S. Lius & X. Chen
848 Deep soil improvement by rammed stone columns - two case histories for large diameter storage tanks F. De Cock & S. D'hoore