(AM-2005) Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2005, Chicago, Illinois, USA

article# description author(s)
244 Recent Advances in Quiet & Vibration-less Steel Pile Installation R.K. Filip BEng, MSc, DIC, CEng, MICE
245 Thirty Years of Experience with the Wave Equation Solution Based on the Method of Characteristics Gerald E.H. Verbeek, Peter Middendorp
246 Analysis of Laterally Loaded Free-Head Pile Groups in Sand Dr. Ashraf M. Eid
247 Underpinning Historic Museum for U-505 Submarine Relocation Mark R. Goudschaal
248 Rehabilitation of an Existing Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall Using Soil Nails Daniel A. Thome P.E., Robert C. Janke P.E., S.E.
249 Micro-Pile Foundations in Difficult Subsurface Conditions Ravi P. Malviya P.E., Christopher M. Reith P.E., D. Dreher Whetstone P.E., Paul M. Blakita
250 Use of a Reinforced Jet Grout Excavation Support System for a Major Sewer Line Repair Eric M. Klein P.E., Kenneth B. Andromalos P.E., Richard Brink P.E.
1277 Principles and Soil Mixing Examples of Portland Cement-Based Solidification/Stabilization Treatment Charles M. Wilk
1278 Design and Construction of Specialty Foundation for the Historic Virginia State Capitol Building Robert S. Thomas, Bernard M. Tarralle, Nasser Massoudi
1279 Practical Reuse of Foundations in High Rise Construction William H. Walton P.E., S.E., Darren S. Diehm P.E., Clyde N. Baker, Jr. P.E., S.E.
1280 Lateral Response of Large Diameter Drilled Shafts in Clay Ke Yang, Robert Liang
1281 Tower Leg Foundation Assessments with Frequency Response and Impedance Profiling Techniques Huw Williams
1282 Bearing Capacity of Post Grouted Drilled Shafts Using a Load Transfer Approach Miguel E. Ruiz, Americo L. Fernandez, Miguel A. Pando
1283 Extensive Pile Testing of Auger Pressure Grouted Displacement (APGD) Piles, Los Angeles, California Michael D. Reader RCE, G.E., Todd W. Armstrong RCE
1284 Piled Foundations for the New Wembley Stadium, London Anthony L. Reynolds, Clifford J. Wren
1285 Proposed Micropile Section for the 2006 IBC Lawrence F. Johnsen P.E., Marc J. Gallagher P.E.
1286 Helical Piers/Anchors in the Chicago Building Code Dana A. Wesolek P.E., Fred C. Schmednecht P.E., Gary L. Seider P.E.
1287 Deep Foundations for the Bangkok MRT Chaloem Ratchamongkhon Line Metro Project Richard E. Prust, Peter A. Thompson
1288 SIMBAT Dynamic Pile Testing – Results of an Independent Pile Capacity Prediction Event Richard T. Stain
1289 Steel Innovation: Changing the Economics of Below Grade Foundations Dean Abbondanza
1290 Secant Pile Walls – A Consistent Approach to Risk Management Tony P. Suckling, Clifford J. Wren, Vivian M. Troughton
1291 The Innovative CSM – Cutter Soil Mixing System for Constructing Retaining Walls and Cut-off Walls Renato Fiorotto, Erwin Stötzer, Manfred Schöpf, Wolfgang G. Brunner
1292 Pile Load Testing in New York City Jan Cermak, Joel Moskowitz
1293 Tension Testing of the Grouted Anchorage Assembly for Multistrand Anchors Lucian I. Bogdan P.E.
1294 Analysis of Pile Under Lateral Cyclic Load in Cohesionless Soil Dr. Sudip Basack
1295 Analytical and Field Estimates of Shaft Resistance in Socketed Piles: Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Mumbai Rajesh H. Gajjar, Sunil S. Basarkar, Dilip M. Dewaikar
1296 Providing External Confinement to Precast Prestressed Pile Shafts to Improve Ductility – Experimental Observations Andrew Budek P.E., PhD
1297 Field Test of Electroosmosis with the Injection of Saline Solution of Taipei Silty Clay Shao-Chi Chien, Chang-Yu Ou, Hsuan-Hsiang Chang
1298 Analysis and Case Study for Minimizing Differential Settlements in Piled Raft Foundations Yu Chuang, Liu Songyu, Zai Jinmin
1299 Ultimate Lateral Load of a Pile Cohesive Soil Under Static Loading Dileep M. Dewaikar, Poonam A. Patil
1300 Helical Piers with Grouted Shafts – A Case History Shawn Downey, Michael M. Blendy, and Frank D’Angelo, Jr.
1301 Full-Scale O-Cell Load Test for a Rotator Drilled Rock Socket at the Main Span of the New Benicia-Martinez Bridge Ronnie X. Gu P.E., Gem-Yeu Ma P.E., Xing Zheng C.E.G.
1302 LRFD and Its Implications for QC/QA of Deep Foundations Bernard Hertlein, M. ASCE, Chia K. Tan, Ph.D., P.E.
1303 Lateral Load Tests on Step Tapered Bored Piles in Calcareous Sands Nabil F. Ismael, Mohamed El Deeb
1304 Vertical Bearing Capacity of Pile Installed by “EX MEGATOP” Method – Base Enlarged Pre-boring and Grouting Method for Pre-cast Pile Sadao Yabuuchi Dr. Eng., Hitoshi Ogura Dr.Eng., Koichi Kobayashi Dr.Eng.
1305 Sharing of Lateral Loads and Moments in Pile Foundations Maurizio Lenzi, Andrea Gambi, Giancarlo Olivucci
1306 Performance of Open-Ended Pipe Piles in Cretaceous Soils in Baltimore Sanjeev Malhotra P.E., G.E.
1307 Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Small-Diameter Pin-Piles and the Influence of Driving Penetration Resistance Glen Mann P.E., H.G. Vestberg, Robert D. Holtz
1308 Foundation Reuse: Overcoming Resistance Tim Chapman, Sara Anderson, Rachel Nicholls, Janice Windle
1309 Design and Construction of the Deepest Base Grouted Bored Piles at Moorehouse in London Hoe C. Yeow, Richard E. Prust, Adam Pickles, Duncan Nicholson
1310 Development of Environmental Double Pile (EDP) for Improvement of Contaminated Soft Ground Hyunsuk Yoon, Juhyng Lee, Younghoon Jung, Kiho Lee, Junboum Park
1311 State-of-the-Art Rock Socket Analysis and Design for Laterally Loaded Drilled Shafts Aly Mohammad PhD, P.E., Dongyi Yue PhD, P.E.
1312 Quality Control of Pile Installation Using Digital Pile Penetration and Rebound Monitoring System Hee-suk Yun, Myoung-mo Kim, Jeong-woo Seok, Dae-jin Hwang
1313 Overview of Construction and Design of Auger Cast-in-Place and Drilled Displacement Piles Monica Prezzi, Purdue University, DFI 2005 Young Professor Paper Winner
1314 The Effects of Cylindrical Pile Insertion on the Vertical Stiffness and Strength of the Surrounding Soil Emre Biringen, University of Wisconsin-Madison, DFI 2005 Student Paper Competition Winner
1315 Lateral Capacity of Drilled Shafts Considering Push-Pull Resistance Ke Yang, The University of Akron, DFI 2005 Student Paper Competition Runner-Up