(AM-1987) Proceedings of the 12th Annual Members' Conference, 1987, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Advances, Innovation & Ingenuity In Deep Foundation Construction

Caisson Foundation for High Speed Paper Machine Anthony H. Tawil, Thomas J. Bradshaw
An Unusual Permanent Shoring Job Gordon Demetrick
Seattle Shored Excavation - Design, Construction, Monitoring David Winter, Alan Macnab, John Turner
Arbitration - The Tender Trap James Green
Interlocking Caisson Walls William E. Lardner
High Capacity Piles in the Hamilton Bayfront Area C.D. Thompson; Trow Ontario Ltd.
The Spadina Pier Cofferdam - Design, Installation & Performance Jan A. Nilsen, P. Eng.; Construction Management Services H.T. Yan, P. Eng.; Foundation Company of Canada