(IC-1989) Proceedings - Third International Conference - Piling and Deep Foundations, 1989, London, England

The merits of polymeric fluids as support slurries J.J. Beresford, B.Sc.C.Eng, Charles Haswell & Partners, UK P.M. Cashman, B.Sc.C.Eng, Trigon Geochemical Ltd., UK R.G. Hollamby, FRMIT (Geo) SPE BDA, visKeau Slurry Services Ltd., UK
Recent developments in continuous flight auger piling P.H. Derbyshire; Westpile Ltd., UK M.J. Turner; Westpile Ltd., UK D.E. Wain; Westpile Ltd., UK
Hand-dug underreamed piles at Embankment Place, London W.J. Grose; Ove Arup & Partners, London, UK
Design, construction and applications of auger piling system for earth retention and underpinning of structures A.A. Gupte, M.S., P.E., MASCE, AFCON, INC., Richfield, Ohio, USA
Bearing capacity of nodular piles S. Kanai; Takechi Engineering Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan S. Yabuuchi; Takechi Engineering Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
Economical piling in soft soils and expansive clays D. Mohan; Former Director, CBRI, Roorkee, India
Construction of cast-in-place piles with enlarged bases H. Mori; Kiso-Jiban Consultants Co., Ltd., Japan T. Inamura; Toyo Building Foundation Corp., Japan
Behavior of mini-piles used in foundation underpinning in Beaumont Clay, Houston, Texas, USA M.W. O'Neill; University of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA R.F. Pierry; Roger Bullivant of Texas, Inc., Grand Prairie, Texas, USA
Producing sealing walls and sealing slabs by applying the soilcrete process E.W. Raabe; GKN Keller GmbH, Bochum, FR Germany S. Toth; GKN Keller GmdH, Bochum, FR Germany
High capacity barrettes in a region of old underground quarries F. Schlosser; Terrasol, France B. Simon; Terrasol, France J. Morey; Bachy, France
Thornton Road, Listerhills, Bradford B.C. Slocombe, MSc; GKN Keller Foundations, Coventry, UK
Influence lines for the pile loading on bridge pier foundations M.B. Wechsler; Consulting Eng., Downey, Calif., USA
Small diameter piling system used in Australia P.J. Yttrup; P.J. Yttrup & Associates Pty. Ltd., Australia D.A. Cameron; South Australian Institute of Technology, Australia D.L. Stuart; Stratumpile Foundations Pty. Ltd., Australia
Unusual dolphin monopile structure C.T. Christensen, M.Sc.; Comar Engineers A/S, Virum, Denmark Charles Nielsen; Christiani & Nielsen A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark
Review of the methods used to construct large diameter bored piles for top down construction J.D. Findlay; Stent Foundations Limited, Hook, Hampshire, UK G.E. Wren; Stent Foundations Limited, Hook, Hampshire, UK
Little Britain Project: Construction Of Basement R.H. Wright; Fairclough Piling & Marine, UK G. Doe; Fairclough Piling & Marine, UK
Ultimate uplift capacity of piles and pile groups in granular soil B.M. Das; Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Illinois, USA
Dynamic stability of an axially loaded pile S.S. Gajin; Faculty of Civil Engineering, Subotica, Yugoslavia R.J. Folic; Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
Rehabilitation of existing foundation piles of marine structures in New York City Harbor, USA P.B. Kelleher; Spearin, Preston & Burrows, Inc., New York, NY, USA
Construction of pile foundation for railway viaducts M.D. Khattar; Indian Railway Construction Company Limited, New Delhi, India
Soil displacement caused by pile driving in clay K. Rainer Massarsch; Geo Engineering SA, Brussels, Belgium B.B. Broms; Nanyang Technological Institute, Singapore
Methods of constructing concrete piles on heavily contaminated sites N.C. Matheson; Westpile Ltd., Uxbridge, London, UK D.E. Wain; Westpile Ltd., Uxbridge, London, UK
Impact of environmental regulations on pile foundation design and construction using diesel hammers R.D. Short; Kaldveer Associates, Inc., Oakland, California, USA M.B. Williams; Kiewit Pacific Co., Concord, California, USA
Large diameter machine bored piles in Australia W.J. Kingwell; Vibro-Pile, Melbourne, Australia F.A. Albrecht; Vibro-Pile, Melbourne, Australia
Performance of a large diameter drilled pier A.J. Partos; Site Engineers, Inc., Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, USA E.J. Sander; Site Engineers, Inc., Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, USA U. Hungspruke; Thornton Thomasetti, PC, New York, New York, USA
World Financial Center Foundations, New York G. Tamaro; Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers
Rock socket piles in the Sherwood Sandstone of Central Birmingham L.J. Whitworth; GKN Keller Foundations A.J. Turner; Ove Arup & Partners, Birmingham, UK
Instrumented driven steel tube piles at Canary Wharf, London A.R. Gaba; Ove Arup & Partners, London, UK
Production and testing of 600 reinforced-concrete piles for the Central Bank of Iraq H. Meseck; Philipp Holzmann AG, Essen, FR Germany
Reanalysis of piles under static and dynamic lateral loads S. Prakash; Prof. University of Missouri-Rolla, USA S. Prakash; Lect. University of Missouri-Rolla, USA
Bearing capacity of piles in soils with time dependent characteristics M.J. Preim; Soil & Material Engineer, Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA R. March; Soil & Material Engineer, Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA M. Hussein; Goble Rausche Likins and Associates, Inc., Orlando, Florida, USA
Capacity of slender steel piles J. Wennerstrand; National Board for Housing & Physical Planning, Sweden A. Fredriksson; ADG Grundteknik AB, Sweden
Combined loading tests on large diameter piles A. Lyndon; University of Liverpool, UK W.G. Mitchell; Bachy (UK) Ltd., UK
Caisson design and construction, upstream guide wall, locks and dam no. 26 E.C. Demsky; US Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis, Missouri, USA B.H. Moore; US Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
The Dutch Cone Penetration Test and its use in determining the pile bearing capacity C. Van der Veen; International Institute for Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, Delft, Netherlands
An innovative approach to load testing of high capacity piles P. Bermingham; Berminghammer Co., Ltd., Ontario, Canada M. Janes; Berminghammer Co., Ltd., Ontario, Canada
A simple evaluation of dynamic pile tests D. Kolymbas; University of Karlsruhe, FR Germany
New device for load testing driven piles and drilled shafts separates friction and end bearing J. Osterberg; Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, and Consulting Geotechnical Engineer, Aurora, Colorado
An improved method for the prediction of pile bearing capacity from dynamic testing R.T. Stain; Testconsult CEBTP Limited, UK A.G. Davis; Testconsult CEBTP Limited, UK
Vibration-free driven tubular-piles S. Doornbos; Funderingstechnieken, Oostburg, Netherlands
The effects of changes in effective stress on a base grouted pile in sand V.M. Troughton; Ove Arup and Partners, London, UK A. Platis; KYDEP, Athens, Greece
The design and construction of large diameter base grouted piles in Thanet Sand at Blackwall Yard, London J.A. Yeats; Ove Arup and Partners, London, UK N.J. O'Riordan; Ove Arup and Partners, London, UK
Base grouted piles in Thanet Sands, London D.E. Sherwood; SIF Enterprise Bachy Ltd., UK J.M. Mitchell; Ove Arup and Partners, London, UK