(AM-2000) Proceedings of the 25th Annual Members' Conference and Eighth International Conference and Exposition, 2000, New York NY

Innovations in Scandinavia Carl-John Gravare
Installation of Bored Pile Casings through an Asbestos Tip by Rotary Displacement Lewis Stansfield
Capacity of Piles and Settlement of Pile Foundations M. Mets PhD, H. Torn
The Soilex Pile System Erik M. Westerberg, Staffan Wetterling
When Real Estate Values Beckon - The Means and Methods Employed in the Underpinning of 1501 Broadway Edward J. McNamara, Andrew J. Burns
Operator Independent Installation of Lime Cement (L/C) Columns Tobias Hansson, Hakan Eriksson
Minimising the Environmental Impact of Construction Dewatering Peter Jackson, Anne Gordon, John Frederiksen, Nina Vendelboe
Underpinning with Steel Pipe Piles Pasi Korkeakoski, Jouko Lehtonen, Reino Heikinheimo
The Use of Micropiles in Estonia T. Ruben, M. Mets, U. Eskel
Full-scale field-test studies on driveability and induced ground vibrations of vibratory driven sheet piles K. Viking, A. Bodare
Examples of the Use of Temporary Works Soil Nailing in the UK and Ireland Martin J. Pedley
Cast insitu piling for the King's Wharf project, Sydney, Australia Slav Tchepak, Yahya Nazhat