(SM-2001) Proceedings - DFI Specialty Seminar,
Soil Mixing Seminar- 2001, St. Louis, MO

In Situ Soil Mixing Concepts Explained; Myths Dispelled Richard W. Hanford
Deep Soil Mixing Utilizing Multi-Auger Equipment and Procedures Robert Jakiel
Single Axis Tooling Methods George K. Burke
Stabilization of Organic Soil with the Limix System Magnus Ruin
Oakland Airport Roadway Project David Yang, Larry L. Scheibel, Carl Nagata
Deep Mixing Method: An International Overview of Technology, Testing and Product D.A. Bruce, M.A. Bruce, A.F. DiMillio
An Overview of Soil Mixing in the United States Peter Nicholson
Effect of Installation on Quality of Deep Mixed Soil Cement Columns Ali Porbaha