(MRNE-2005) Proceedings - DFI Specialty Seminar,
Marine Foundations - 2005, New York, NY

Design and Construction of the Sutong Bridge Foundations Robert B. Bittner; Xigang Zhang; Ole Juul Jensen; Keld Thoegersen; Ole Rud Hansen
Woodrow Wilson Bridge Cofferdams Roderic A. Ellman, Jr., P.E.; Jim X. Zhang, Ph.D., P.E.; Bill Spence, P.E.
Construction Techniques Used to Build the Drilled Shafts for the Victory Bridge T. Jason Hardell
Design of the Marine Foundations for the Skyway Project of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge Gerry Houlahan
Large Diameter Shafts- Youghiogheny Reservoir Bridge Paul J. Lewis, P.E.; David R. Scherer, P.E.
Route 49 (Penns Neck Bridge) Over Salem River James. E. Maccariella, Jr.; Thomas Griffin
Marine Foundations of Bridges in the Northeastern USA James S. Graham, P.E.; Joel Moskowitz, P.E.
Statnamic Load Testing of High Capacity Marine Foundations Mike Muchard, P.E.
Design and Construction of the Rion Antiron Bridge Foundations Alain Pecker
Design of Cooper River Bridge Foundation Osama Safaqah, PhD
Installation of Marine Pile Foundations at the Skyway Project for the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge Robb L. Swenson
Foundations for Offshore Wind Energy Converters- A Review of Some Current Scandinavian Development Projects K. Viking; L. Johansson