The Francis Gularte Scholarship Fund was established in 2013 through the efforts of John Wolosick (treasurer of DFI and the DFI Educational Trust) and Hayward Baker, in honor of Gularte, a long-time executive at Hayward Baker and accomplished industry leader. The fund received an initial donation of $10,000 from Hayward Baker and a $15,000 pledge from Gularte. Wolosick is currently spearheading a fundraising drive with a goal of achieving a minimum endowment fund of $75,000. The fund will provide scholarships to qualified students attending any U.S. college or university.

Francis Gularte

Francis Gularte is the senior vice president, special projects for Hayward Baker Inc's western region. His career started when he was hired by Clyde Baker of Soil Testing Services of Illinois. He worked for that firm for several years in Chicago before joining Wallace Baker and becoming part owner of Hayward Baker in 1975. In 1983, Gularte established the west coast operations. Today, Gularte's continuing involvement focuses on special projects for the western region of Hayward Baker. His experience relates to all forms of grout injection, anchorages and ground modification (jet grouting, soil mixing, vibro and dynamic compaction, etc.).

Gularte has been an active member of ASCE Geo-Institute Grouting Committee since 1995 and vice president Chapter 34 California Society of Engineers since 2000. He received the Wallace Hayward Baker Award from the Geo-Institute of ASCE in 2002, and served as a chairman for the DFI 35th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations in 2010.

Gularte received his B.S.C.E from the University of Southern California at Los Angeles, M.S.C.E. from Northwestern University and M.B.A from Loyola College in Baltimore, Md.

Francis Gularte Scholarship Founding Donors

Hayward Baker

Francis Gularte

John Wolosick