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December 3, 2020 ITS Money: Seth Hamblin, P.E.

Seth Hamblin, P.E. | Geosciences Testing & Research, Inc.

Innovative Driven Pile Solution for the RIDOT Route 6/10 Interchange Project

This presentation details the execution and results of a comprehensive pile load test program and offers guidance for the potential use of taper tube piles to projects across the New England region in soil profiles with medium dense sands or sand with gravel. Using the RIDOT Route 6/10 Interchange project, it also presents a unique case study where driven piles were value engineered to develop the optimal deep foundation solution.


  • Taper tubes are a viable foundation solution in New England subsurface conditions – with medium dense sands or sand with gravel.
  • Increased Design Phase Testing Saves time and money.
  • Early Collaboration between Owner / Engineer/ Contractor / Supplier leads to greater project value.
  • Incorporating the site specific data into the final design will optimize the foundation design.