Driven Pile Committee

Pollyanna Cunningham, MBA, Chair

A roster of over 20 industry-wide professionals comprises this committee involved in the support and understanding of driven pile foundation systems. The committee is responsible for the Driven Pile Workshop Series and Driven Pile Seminars throughout the world. The committee has produced the Inspector's Guide to Driven Foundation Piling, Driven Foundation Piling: A catalog of available sections by type, and Driven Sheet Piling: A catalog of available sections by type. A Model Specification is forthcoming.
Recent News
5/6/2021 The committee is focusing its efforts on raising awareness of the benefits of driven piles through various means. Learn more about their ongoing efforts here.
4/8/2015 DFI collaborated with and provided funding to CRSI to update the Design Guide for Pile Caps through the DFI Committee Project Fund. Members of the DFI Driven Pile and Micropile Committees reviewed and contributed to the study. Order a copy here.
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