Risk and Contracts Committee

Alexander Filotti, P.E., M.B.A., Chair

The goal of the committee is to raise awareness of risk management through programs and promotion. Key objectives for the committee are to:
  • Establish the fundamental requirements for geotechnical risk management for all entities involved in the geotechnical projectís life cycle.
  • Cooperate with all DFI technical committees in establishing risk management standards and providing suggested guidance for all types of geotechnical products and techniques.
  • Harmonize the risk management knowledge of DFI with the knowledge of other deep foundation organizations.
Recent News
4/30/2019 Read the news release announcing the formation of the new DFI Risk and Contracts Technical Committee.
4/27/2019 Watch the video of the International Panel Discussion on Geotechnical, Contractual and Communication Risks presented at the DFI-EFFC Conference in Rome, June 2018.
4/27/2019 Watch the video of the Invited Panel on Risk - A Rational Discussion presented at IFCEE 2018 in Orlando, Florida, March 2018.
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