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Student Chapters

DFI Student Chapters are organized to allow student members to participate in improvement of the planning, design, and construction aspects of deep foundations and deep excavations.

DFI currently supports Student Chapters at the following schools world-wide.

Each school has a faculty advisor and a DFI member liaison to facilitate and promote DFI interaction with university students.

Aliraquia University, Baghdad, Iraq

Faculty Advisor: Professor Ali Nasir Ibrahim
DFI Liaison: Theresa Engler

American University Dubai

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alaa K. Ashmawy, P.E.
DFI Liaison:

City College of New York

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Michel Ghosn
DFI Liaison: David Coleman, DFT Consulting

Manhattan College, New York

Faculty Advisor: Professor Mehdi Omidvar
DFI Liaison: Zoran “Zac” Curanovic

University of California at Berkeley

Faculty Advisor: Richard Short, P.E., G.E., Adjunct Professor
DFI Liaison: Richard Short, P.E., G.E., Consultant

University of Illinois

Faculty Advisor: Prof. James Long
DFI Liaison: Rudolph Frizzi, P.E., G.E., D.GE, Langan Engineering and Environmental Services

University of Missouri

Faculty Advisor: Erik Loehr, P.E., Ph.D.
DFI Liaison: Erik Loehr, P.E., Ph.D., University of Missouri

Sapienza University, Rome, Italy

Faculty Advisor: Professor Ignazio Paolo Marzano
DFI Liaison: Gianfranco DiCicco