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EFFC/DFI Carbon Calculator Task Group

Developed a standardized tool called the Foundation COCalculator which calculates the carbon footprint of deep foundation and ground improvement works.

Request for Proposals

The Joint EFFC/DFI Carbon Calculator Task Group and ASCE Sustainability in Geotechnical Engineering Committee are pleased to present this Request for Proposals (RFP) to engage one qualified and motivated student researcher to provide a detailed study, report, and conference presentation on the State of the Practice in Embodied Carbon Calculation Tools in Civil Engineering. The existing EFFC/DFI Carbon Calculator is an Excel-based tool that calculates the CO2 emissions of foundation and geotechnical works. It is designed to allow contractors and commissioning organizations alike to assess the carbon emissions of their projects.

As with any useful tool, DFI and EFFC understand it is vital to routinely review and update the carbon calculator. Special Project funding from the ASCE Technical Coordination Council (TCC) has made it possible to support a student researcher whose efforts will help inform the next carbon calculator update. The funding will be distributed in the form of a research stipend released on a monthly basis and a conference/travel stipend, in total $5,000 USD.

Please submit proposals at the link provided in the RFP document by Friday, December 16, 2022. The task co-chairs will select the winning proposal by Friday, January 6, 2023.

RFP Issued: November 21, 2022
Proposals Due: December 16, 2022
Award Anticipated: January 06, 2023
Final Report Submission: July 07, 2023

Group Co-chair

Luca Bruni
Injectosond Italia
[email protected]  

Group Co-chair

Chris Nelsen
McMillen Jacobs Associates
[email protected]

Chris Nelsen is a Geotechnical Engineer at McMillen Jacobs Associates with 5 years of geotechnical engineering experience. Chris joined McMillen Jacobs Associates after three years as a field/project engineer for Keller. His areas of expertise include design, installation, and QA/QC of geostructural elements. He is developing expertise in site investigation, soil and rock characterization, support of excavation design, and tunnel construction impact analyses. Chris is also engaged in industry-wide efforts to improve the sustainability of infrastructure projects through the ISI framework as an Envision Sustainable Professional (ENV SP). Incorporating sustainability into his day-to-day personal and work activities has been a growing theme and passion throughout Chris’ life.

EFFC/DFI Carbon Calculator

The EFFC/DFI Carbon Calculator has been developed using verifiable, standardised data to enable accurate benchmarking of competing project proposals. Prior to its development there existed no single standardised tool for calculating CO2 emissions for these types of ground works.

The tool also allows contractors to compare and contrast different technical approaches within the same project and see what the CO2 emissions will be. Furthermore it can be used throughout a project’s development to compare how it performed against expectations.

Presented by Gerald Verbeek and Kimberly Martin, this 1-hour presentation (re)introduced the EFFC-DFI Carbon Calculator.

EFFC/DFI Carbon Calculator Training Video

This webinar explains why carbon reduction is important and how to reduce emissions by measuring your carbon footprint. The workshop will also guide you through the industry’s leading tool; the EFFC/DFI Carbon Calculator, a free aid which allows the user to assess the carbon footprint of their project.