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Join a Committee

You must be a DFI independent individual member, discounted corporate member employee individual member or a designated representative of a DFI corporate member company in good standing to join a technical committee.

If you are interested in joining a committee, please complete the online request form.

DFI Technical Committee and Working Group Member Responsibilities

DFI currently has 28 technical committees each of which has its own purpose and mission. As a voluntary member of one or more of these committees, your responsibilities are as follows:

  • Attend at least one committee meeting per year.
    • All DFI committees must meet just prior to DFI’s Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, held in the fall of each year (September or October).
    • Chairs may also announce additional meetings or telephone conferences at other times of the year as dictated by their current project goals.
    • Participation in as many of these meetings as possible is requested.
  • Assist in creation of DFI technical publications.
    • Many committees produce technical manuals, journal papers and other publications on their subject area.
    • Committee Members are asked to contribute information and technical expertise on the subject matter when a publication is in development.
  • Assist in formulation of technical programs for seminars, short courses, specialty conferences and workshops.
    • Many committees hold an annual or bi-annual event in their subject area.
    • Committee Members are asked to contribute in any of the following areas:
      • Volunteer to be the event task leader, who coordinates the technical program creation and liaises with DFI headquarters on event needs.
      • Volunteer to present and/or write a paper for the event.
      • Volunteer to moderate a session or the entire program.
      • Promote participation in the event as an attendee, exhibitor or underwriter to their industry colleagues.
  • Answer technical queries received from industry members.
    • Queries may be directed to you specifically or be distributed to the entire committee from DFI headquarters when a question on your subject matter is received.
  • Review papers relevant to committee’s subject matter submitted for DFI conferences, journal and/or magazine.
  • Peer review industry/agency publications being composed by other organizations relevant to committee’s subject matter.
  • Submit and solicit papers/articles for the DFI Journal and DFI Magazine.

As a volunteer committee member we thank you for your willingness to contribute your special talents and expertise. Your participation advances the industry and allows DFI to stay at the forefront of communicating information concerning the state-of-the art and new technologies of geotechnical design, construction and installation, thus fulfilling DFI’s mission.