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BIM and Digitalisation (Europe)

The aim of this committee, which is in close liaison to DFI’s Project Information Management Systems (PIMS) committee, is to promote digitalisation and BIM (Building Information Modeling) processes within the European membership and the wider geotechnical industry in Europe and DFI worldwide.


Jason Boddy
[email protected]

The committee will discuss and develop guidance in the application of digital data and process to ground engineering. This shall include considering the following areas/actions:

  • Explain the process of digital data and its role in BIM through the project life cycle.
  • Identify standards and guidance from across Europe regarding the application of BIM to the geotechnical aspects of projects.
  • Encourage standardisation of data formats between countries and organisations to facilitate coordination.
  • Provide guidance on how best to adopt BIM within geotechnical projects.
  • Identify challenges and opportunities faced by digitalisation.
  • Work with other organisations who are developing tools and protocols for the geotechnical industry to ensure these tools are practical, beneficial and compatible across other practices.
  • Compare with other parts of the world as a benchmark for the industry.
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