Corporate Membership in Deep Foundations Institute attests to an organization's commitment to maintaining technological competence in the field of foundation design and construction for the support of heavy structures.

Privileges of Membership

All members receive an Individual Member or Corporate Member membership plaque or certificate.

Each DFI Corporate Member organization, regardless of class, is represented by two designated employees. They are regarded as DFI Corporate Member Representatives. All Corporate Member organizations receive a Corporate Membership plaque.

Larger Corporate Member organizations (Class II & III & IV members) may name additional (four or eight or twelve respectively) employees as Corporate Individual Members.

All "Corporate Representatives" and "Corporate Individual Members" receive:

All "Corporate Representatives" and "Corporate Individual Members" are:

Benefits of Corporate Membership

In addition to the privileges afforded to all members, Corporate Membership brings with it specific benefits:

Both of the above listings are used by DFI's headquarters office staff as a reference when, as frequently, they are asked to recommend specialists in deep foundations design and construction.

Additional benefits for Class II & Class III & Class IV Corporate members:

Corporate Membership: Class I, II, III or IV

Corporate Entities wishing to join and support DFI as Corporate Members are broken up into four classes (three classes for European organizations) based on the following information:

Class I annual dues is $1150 US
Class II annual dues is $1800 US
Class III annual dues is $2400 US
Class IV annual dues is $3600 US

To determine which class your organization falls into and the annual dues to be collected,
view the complete Class Table.
(Note: Corporate Members will be queried each year to determine their appropriate class for invoicing.)

Affiliate Corporate Membership

Multiple-office Corporate Member organizations may illustrate their geographical diversity by registering their branch and/or affiliate offices as corporate members with their own Desk Directory listing, Website listing, representatives, etc., at a fee of $575 US or Euro.

The Affiliate must share the same name as parent Corporate Member organization.

Click here to register as an Affiliate.

Non-Commercial Corporate Membership

Non-Commercial Organizations such as Government Agencies, Associations, Societies, Union organizations, etc. can join DFI as Non-Commercial Corporate Members with their own Desk Directory listing, Website listing, representatives, etc., at a fee of $575 US or Euro (at discretion of the Board of Trustees).

Click here to register as a Non-Commercial organization.

Sustaining Membership Status

Sustaining Members are Corporate Member firms who have responded to a volunteer call for contributions to a special fund to supplement dues income so as to further DFI's educational goals. The contributions are to be used as follows:

  1. To continue with and improve upon DFI's Continuing Education Seminars, so as to allow DFI to remain a leader in information transfer for the deep foundations industry.
  2. To support the Scholarship Fund -- named the Paul DeBruyn Memorial Scholarship Fund -- in honor of our late member who first came forth with the idea of initiating a scholarship fund.

Both The Sustaining membership Fund and the Paul DeBruyn Memorial Scholarship Fund are managed by the DFI Educational Trust.

Sustaining Members meeting a minimum level of contribution are listed on the Homepage of the DFI, on the inside cover of the Annual Conference Proceedings and other publications and on the Sustaining Members Plaque with a legend plate for each year of contribution.

See Sustaining Members List