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Magnum Piering, Inc. – Helical Piles you Can trust

Presented by: Steve Garlick

Helical piles have become an important tool in the geotechnical arsenal. They combine quality manufacturing, speedy installation, and unparalleled field quality control to produce consistent foundation support solutions in residential, commercial, industrial, petrochemical, and electric utility markets. There are currently over 50 helical pile manufacturing companies in North America. With so many suppliers to choose, how do you know who to trust?   

In today’s economy with supply chain shortages and inflating costs, there is an increasing urge to secure bids from many different vendors. On the surface it may seem that the helical piles provided by different manufacturers are the same, but we will be taking a closer look in how they differ, and how those differences can affect the outcome of a project. It all starts with quality craftsmanship and high caliber materials, but as we dive deeper you will understand how tolerances, coatings, traceability, configuration, data, testing and support all play a major role in trustworthiness.

In our session you will gain an understanding on how Magnum Piering continues to manufacture helical piles that you should demand from a trustworthy vendor.