2019-20 DFI Traveling Lecture at University of Texas Austin's Geo-Institute Student Chapter Meeting

February 21, 2020
University of Texas - Austin, ECJ Building
Austin, Texas
The 2019-20 DFI Traveling Lecturer Willie M. NeSmith, P.E., delivered his presentation on the Application of Drilled Displacement Elements for Liquefication Mitigation and Foundation Improvement at the University of Texas - Austin.

The presentation examined the increase in density in the vicinity of drilled displacement piles when they are installed in materials that exhibit granular behavior. The increase is most pronounced in loose to medium dense materials and can be utilized to mitigate liquefication and increase the foundation response stiffness of the mass of the material penetrated. Case histories were presented wherein ground improvement elements were installed using drilled displacement pile processes to mitigate liquefaction and increase allowable foundation loading.