DFI India Groundwork Student Outreach Program

April 20, 2021

DFI of India announced its student outreach program "Groundwork" during DFII2020 Annual Conference last November. This program is aimed to enhance the professional and interpersonal skills of students in geo technical field.

Each session in the DFI India Groundwork program has technical lecture and a professional development talk. Students will also get a chance to interact with industry veterans. Attendees will get a participation certificate.

The first GroundWork webinar occurred on January 19. Harry G. Poulos, DScEng, a senior consultant at Coffey Services, Australia, and a veteran in the deep foundation industry as the designer of several tall buildings, presented “Foundation Design Challenges for Tall Buildings.” Poulos’ talk followed an introductory presentation “Ground vs. Soil” by M.R. Madhav, Ph.D., D.Sc.. Madhav is a visiting professor at IIT Hyderabad and JNTU Kakinada. Mary Ellen Large, P.E., D. GE, director of technical activities for DFI in the U.S., delivered a presentation about body language to provide students with tips on presenting and public speaking.

The second webinar in the series is scheduled for February 16, 2021. Rolf Katzenbach, Ph.D., from the Technical University at Darmstadt | Germany will present “Sustainable Foundations of High-Rise Buildings in Soft Soil-Recommendations for Technical Solutions.” In addition, Anne Lemnitzer, Ph.D., P.E., University of California, Irvine, will deliver a presentation on writing abstracts and papers.

Then on March 16, Devon Mothersille, Ph.D., CEng, FICE, director of Geoserve Global in London will offer “An Introduction to Ground Anchor Technology” during the third webinar session. Jewels Stover of Nicholson Construction in Denver, Colorado, will deliver a presentation on negotiations.

The April 20th session is titled: Underground Infrastructures and Metros and will be presented by Dr. William Cheang, Principal Consultant (Geotechnics) Engineering Simulations, Design Integration Analysis, Bentley Systems and moderated by Dr. Jaykumar Shukla. In this presentation the speaker will show important geotechnical considerations important to all deep excavations projects. Modern geotechnical modelling and analysis will be shown addressing key trends, challenges and interoperability.