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Student Membership

As a student, you can become a DFI member for free and benefit from all the opportunities DFI offers:

  • Network with thousands of members and industry professionals.
  • Expand your knowledge at conferences, seminars and workshops.
  • Join one of DFI’s Technical Committees.
  • Receive the online version of Deep Foundations magazine six times a year and the DFI Journal 2 times per year, and always be up to date.
  • Access OneMine.org and download up to 125,000 articles, technical papers and books from DFI and organizations all over the world — at no cost.
  • Connect and communicate with industry peers through social media such as DFI’s Facebook page and LinkedIn Groups.
ClassDescriptionYearly Dues
Student (geotech)Individual annual membership dues for students enrolled in a geotechnical related curriculum for 2 years. Student must provide a copy of their student ID card upon submission of their application.FREE

Individual Memberships

Practitioners can join DFI as Independent Individual Members to keep abreast of developments in deep foundations and play an important role in contributing to the consensus voice of DFI. In addition, several discounted individual memberships are offered.

  • Corporate Member Employee Individual Membership allows employees of registered Corporate Member organizations to join DFI.
  • Government Employee Individual Membership allows public sector employees including federal, state and municipal agencies to join DFI.
  • Emeritus Individual Membership is reserved for individuals who have been members of DFI, either as Representatives of Corporate Members or as Individual Members for a minimum of 10 continuous years, and who have reached the age of 65 years and have retired from full-time employment.
ClassDescriptionYearly Dues
IndependentIndependent Individual annual membership dues$130
GovernmentIndividual annual membership dues for public sector employees including Federal, State, and Municipal Agencies$60
DFI Corporate Member EmployeeIndividual annual membership dues for employees of registered corporate member organizations$110