Welcome to DFI’s Podcast Channel: Broadcasting Common Ground

Welcome to Broadcasting Common Ground, DFI’s podcast channel. We have two new series starting later this year, DFI’s Rumble – a facilitated argument between two industry positions and, Morgan’s Mentors – a series aimed at providing career advice across the industry spectrum.

Our first series – Interview with a survivor has wrapped up for the time being; all episodes are available for viewing below.

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Newest Episode

DFI’s Rumble: Helical Piles, Have They Arrived?

In Episode 6, the season finale of Rumble, Kevin Johnson, Ph.D., with Earth Tech squares off with Ross McGillivray of Ardaman & Associates.  Johnson is a designer and design-builder of foundation solutions including helical piles.  McGillivary is a seasoned consultant who is often task with vetting foundation options and ensuring the success of a project.  This episode discusses the installation, design and verification of helical piles as well as tricky conditions to watch out for and tips for providing a cost-effective and technically sound design.

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December 14, 2022


In this series (primarily intended for young professionals and undergraduate students), Morgan NeSmith will be discussing with various professionals about mentoring and being mentored. Each episode will follow a standard format with the purpose of providing general advice on career development and being mentored from a range of perspectives.

In this series, “DFI’s Rumble,” we will be pairing opposing positions for debate, across multiple industry topics. Each episode will consist of a short introduction to the topic and speakers, followed by two rounds of debate, broken up by a sponsor commentary section – similar to a halftime match commentary.

In the first series, Interview with a Survivor, hosts Lucky Nagarajan and Tim Siegel will be speaking with industry experts about their near misses, problem projects and resolutions.

DFI’s ‘Live at Game Day podcast’ with special guest hosts, including Chris Woods and Lucky Nagarajan, speaking to several attendees at DFI Annual Conferences.