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Grouting and Ground Treatment: Proceedings of the Third International Conference, (ASCE)

Grouting and Ground Treatment Case Studies in Applications of Grouting and Deep Mixing Use of Compaction Grout Columns to Stabilize Uncontrolled Loose Fill and to Lift a Second Tunnel: A Significant Case History
R. Boghart, P. S. Hundley, J. R. Hill, S. D. Scherer

Since the early 1960ís, compaction-grouting techniques have been widely accepted as a means to densify cohesionless soils and to lift settled structures. Compaction grouting techniques have been used less frequently in silts and cohesive soils, primarily due to the slow dissipation of pore water pressure. When used in silts and clay, careful monitoring of the water level is required. This paper documents the use of compaction grouting to densify uncontrolled loose saturated fill and to lift a settled structure.

 article #1139; publication #62 (GRT-2003)