Publication Abstract

SuperPile 2017 Online Proceedings, (DFI)

Static Pile Loadings Using Fiber Optics High Spatial Resolution Strain Measurements
Arne Kindler, Dr-Ing and Karolina Nycz, i.A., M.Sc.

The recommendations of the German Committee "piles" (so-called “EA-Pfähle”) provide for a separate detection of the pile foot resistance and the pile sheath resistance in the case of increased or high requirements for static pile loadings. Regarding this purpose, special kinds of instrumentations on the pile foot or along the pile are required. Conventionally the pile foot resistance is measured using Pile Pressure cells, so called Load cell for measurements at pile bottom. However, the detection of the pile sheath resistance is possible only indirectly. For this purpose, extensometers, strain gauges based on vibrating wire or glide micrometer probes could be used in a classical manner. For the evaluation of the measuring results regarding the technical consideration, the local strain measurements are interpolated via the intervening areas. However, this procedure is complicated and may cause to falsifications in evaluation and interpretation. Based on this situation, Stump, together with the enterprises GGB and GESO, has used a new innovative pile monitoring system in addition to the classical instrumentation. In the lecture the geotechnical task, the geotechnical boundary conditions and the new innovative measuring method will be explained. A first evaluation of the results obtained with the new measuring method and a comparison with the results of the conventional measuring methods will be presented.

 article #2694; publication #1031 (SP-2017)