Publication Abstract

International Symposium on Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics, (DFI)

Predictions of Multi-Amplitude Simple Shear Tests Using Hyperplasticity Models
T. D. Balaam, B. W. Byrne, G. T. Houlsby, H. P. Jostad and A. M. Page

In recent years much work has focused on the response of Offshore Wind Turbine (OWT) foundations to fixed amplitude cyclic loading. Real loading is, however, multi-amplitude or pseudo-random, and therefore cannot be modelled by many design methods without prior idealisation. In this paper, a total stress hyperplasticity model is used to produce 'Class C' predictions of irregular and idealised tests of an overconsolidated clay in simple shear conditions. The model is calibrated using conventional monotonic and fixed-amplitude cyclic simple shear tests on the same clay. The full stress-strain response is predicted, with ultimate strains matching those measured well. Finally, a revised model is suggested with improvements made based upon evidence from the multi-amplitude tests. This work aims to demonstrate the suitability of hyperplasticity models for the computation of irregular loading.

 article #3524; publication #1069 (IC-ISFOG21)