Publication Abstract

International Symposium on Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics, (DFI)

Modelling the Response of Monopiles to Complex Cyclic Lateral Loading in Sand
Iona A. Richards, Guy T. Houlsby and Byron W. Byrne

Monopile foundations support the vast majority of offshore wind turbines in Europe. These foundations experience repeated cyclic lateral loading, which continually varies in amplitude, frequency and direction, and may cause accumulation of foundation rotation (ratcheting) and evolution of the dynamic response. While a number of cyclic design methods have been proposed, few are able to capture both ratcheting and evolution of the dynamic response under continuously varying loading. This paper uses results from 1g physical modelling in dense, dry sand to explore the performance of a multidirectional macro-model formulated in the HARM (Hyperplastic Accelerated Ratcheting Model) framework. Responses under regular, unidirectional and multidirectional cyclic lateral loading facilitate model calibration and demonstration, while prediction of the key features of the response to irregular storm loading builds confidence in the use of these models for monopile design.

 article #3556; publication #1069 (IC-ISFOG21)