(DFIJ-II) DFI Journal: Vol II November 2008

article# description author(s)
3399 From the Editors Ali Porbaha, Ph.D., P.E., Dan A. Brown, Ph.D.,Zia Zafir, Ph.D., P.E.
1543 Construction of Large Drilled Shafts (The 2nd Annual Mike O’Neill Lecture) Dan A. Brown
1544 Increase in Shear Modulus by Soil Mix and Jet Grout Methods Paul J. Axtell; Timothy D. Stark
1545 Construction, Inspection and Lessons Learned for 3.81-m Diameter CIDH Piles – Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Seismic Retrofit A.R. Dover; J. Davidson
1546 Effects of Helical Anchor Geometry on Long-Term Performance of Small Wind Tower Foundations Subject to Dynamic Loads Amy B. Cerato; Rory Victor
1547 Ultimate Soil Pressures for Pile Groups in Soft Clay Subjected to Lateral Soil Movements L. F. Miao; A.T.C. Goh; K.S. Wong; C.I. Teh
1622 Lateral Earth Pressure on Lagging in Soldier Pile Wall Systems Howard Perko; John Boulden