(DFIJ-V) DFI Journal: Vol V: 2 Issues (No. 1 Jun 2011 and No. 2 Dec 2011)

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3405 From the Editors and Publisher
3404 From the Editors and Publisher
1765 Foundations for the New Mississippi River Bridge, St. Louis Paul J. Axtell, Dan A. Brown
1759 Non-Destructive Testing, Evaluation and Optimization of Existing Deep Foundations for Re-Use along the East Coast Matthew E. Meyer, P.E.; Rudolph P. Frizzi, P.E., G.E., D.GE
1766 Geotechnical Exploration Phase Drilled Shaft Load Testing Walter E. Vanderpool, P.E.; Rick L. Chesnut, P.E.; Michael E. McGettigan, P.E.
1760 Theoretical and Experimental Investigation on Underwater Ground Anchors Leonello Sciacca, Fausto Valmori, Cesare Melegari, Fabio Maletti, Maurizio Lenzi, Paola Campana, Vincenzo Padovani
1767 Lateral Load Testing Micropiles to Evaluate the Impact of Threaded Joints and Casing Embedment on Short Micropiles in Shallow Rock J. Brian Anderson, Ph.D., P.E.; Michael R. Babalola, Ph.D.
1761 Slope Stabilisation of a Section of the Thirlmere Aqueduct by the Use of Spaced Micropiles and Permeation Grouting David Preece, BEng, MSc, CEng, MICE
1768 Hyperbolic P-Y Model for Static and Cyclic Lateral Loading Derived from Full-Scale Lateral Load Testing in Cemented Loess Soils Steven Dapp, Dan A. Brown, Robert L. Parsons
1762 Installation and Performance Characteristics of High Capacity Helical Piles in Cohesionless Soils Mohammed Sakr, Ph.D., P.Eng.
1769 Determination of Pile Damage in Concrete Piles Gerald E.H. Verbeek, Peter Middendorp
1763 Behavior of Grouted Shaft Helical Anchors in Clay Alan J. Lutenegger
1770 Hollow Threaded Rebar for Cross Hole Sonic Logging Access Tubes Combined with Longitudinal Concrete Reinforcing in Drilled Shafts Josef K. Alter, M S Eng.
1764 Simplified Settlement Model for a Shallow Foundation on Composite Ground with Rigid Piles Timothy C. Siegel, P.E., D.GE