(AM-2015) Proceedings of the 40th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2015, Oakland, CA, USA

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2130 Preface Program Co-Chairs Bryan Cortnik and Yogesh Prashar; Program Advisor Antonio Marinucci, Ph.D., M.B.A., P.E. and Conference co-Chairs James Johnson and Terry Tucker
Table of Contents
2131 Table of Contents
Design Implementation using Soil Structure Interaction
2132 St. Louis Service Base Floating Wharf Mooring System Replacement Azadeh Bozorgzadeh, Ph.D., P.E., and B. M. Jensen, Moffatt & Nichol B. R. Murtaugh, US Army Corps of Engineers, Marine Design Center B. N. Koelling, Massman Construction Co.
2134 Effect of Axial Compression on Lateral Pile Response: Laterally Loaded Test Pile Comparison David S. Graham, P.E., and Paul J. Axtell, P.E., D.GE, Dan Brown and Associates, PC Michael K. Muchard and Joseph D. Bailey, Applied Foundation Testing, Inc.
2133 An Evaluation of the T-Z Analysis Methods Kevin V. Stanton, Ramin Motamed, Ph.D., P.E., and Sherif Elfass, University of Nevada, Reno Kirk Ellison, Arup
2135 A Novel Approach to Incorporate Shear-Moment Coupling Effects in Foundation Stiffness for Caisson Piles for Izmit Bay Bridge in Turkey Arash Khosravifar, Ph.D., P.E., and Wei Yu Chen, Fugro Consultants Inc. Amalia Giannakou, Fugro Sial
2136 Soil Fatigue Analysis for Pile Driving Simulations Using an Impact Hammer Jan Fischer, Fichtner Water & Wind GmbH Peter Middendorp and Gerald E. Verbeek, Allnamics Pile Testing Experts BV David J. Tara, Thurber Engineering Ltd.
2157 A Non Linear Fractal Model for the Analysis of Pile Foundations Maurizio Lenzi and Paola Campana, ACMAR
2161 Cape Wind Offshore Wind Farm – Electrical Service Platform – Substructure Jacket Design S. Chilka, I. Maloney and J. Brady, Moffatt & Nichol
2165 Contribution of Inner Frictional Resistance to Bearing Capacity of Open-Ended Piles Janaka J. Kumara, Yoshiaki Kikuchi, Takashi Kurashina and Takahiro Yajima, Tokyo University of Science
2178 Simulation of Soil Plug Effects in Open Steel Pipe Piles Considering the Complex Soil-Structure-Interaction during Installation Christian Moormann, Johannes Labenski and Johannes Aschrafi, University of Stuttgart
2179 Single Fracture Grouting Numerical Simulation Based on Fracture Roughness Influence in Flowing Water Environment Ping Yang, Tian-bin Li and Xue-qing Sun, Tongji University
2180 Slurry Wall Design for Construction Using Soil Structure Interaction Meeok Kim, P.E., Ph.D., and Gordon Chen, P.E., Weidlinger Associates Inc.; Nino Catalano, P.E., East Coast Slurry
Effect of Technological Advancements in Foundation Construction–Tooling, Equipment, Installation Practices
2137 Elliptical Jet Grouting for the SELA-22 Project in New Orleans, LA - An Innovative Solution Filippo Maria Leoni and Gianluca Pianezze, Treviicos Corporation
2138 Cut-Off-Wall Welzow in the Lausitz, Germany, a 400 Feet (120 m) Deep Hydraulic Barrier between an Existing Lake Region and an Open Pit Coal Mine Franz-Werner Gerressen, Dipl.-Ing., BAUER Maschinen Dr. Stephan Fisch, Vattenfall Europe Mining
2139 Ground Improvement for Underground Construction in South Florida Nicholas Turus and Christopher Sammon, Malcolm Drilling Company Inc.
2140 Shoring of Long Beach Main Pump Station Utilizing Ground Improvement Methods, Long Beach, CA Gabriel Carvajal and John Compagnone, Condon-Johnson & Associates, Inc. Eric Lindquist, Ph.D., P.E., Brierley Associates
2149 A Case Study - Drilled Pier Foundations for a New Atlanta Stadium Daniel C. Brahana, P.E., ABE Enterprises, Inc. Jean Wehbe, P.E., BAUER-Pileco, Inc.
2150 DFI Mission Executed through Growth of Micropile Technology Allen Cadden, P.E., Schnabel Engineering Jim Bruce, Geo-Foundations Mary Ellen Large, DFI Peggy Hagerty Duffy, ADSC
2151 New Pile for Reduced Underwater Noise J. T. Dardis II and Per G. Reinhall, Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle
2159 AUT-CPT & Pile Database for Piling Performance Using CPT and CPTU Records Sara Moshfeghi, M. Sc., Abolfazl Eslami, and Seyyed Majdeddin Mir Mohammad Hosseini, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology
2166 Soil Mixing Treatment of Marginal Soil for Railway Construction and Maintenance Charles M. Wilk, ALLU Group
2170 Geotextile Encased Columns (GEC) as Pile-Similar Foundation Elements: Basics, Specifics, Case Studies Dimiter Alexiew, HUESKER Synthetic GmbH Marc Raithel, Kempfert & Partner Geotechnik Lilma Schimmel and Sven Schröer, HUESKER Inc.
2171 Helix Deflection Effect on Load Settlement Behavior of Pile with Increasing Stress Level Adnan A. Malik and Jiro Kuwano, Saitama University Tadashi Maejima, AsahiKasei Kenzai Company
2184 The Test on Effect of Polyanionic Cellulose on Process of Filtrate Loss of Low Solid-Phase Drilling Fluid Ping Yang and Min-hui Wu, Tongji University; Tian-bin Li, Chengdu University of Technology
Lesson Learned that Shaped Our Future
2141 Selecting the Right Shoring System - San Francisco Experience Rob Jameson and Heinrich Majewski, Malcolm Drilling Company, Inc.
2142 High Capacity Micropiles in Weak Dolomitic Limestone for Crane Foundation Support – A Case History in Temporary Foundations Terence P. Holman, Ph.D., P.E., Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. Brian D. Barkauskas, P.E., Moretrench American Corporation
2143 Excavation Support by Deep Soil Mixing - Challenges on Depth and Long Term Exposure Paul Bray, PMP, A. D. Miller and Douglas Barber, Raito, Inc.
2144 Field Sampling and Testing for Soil Mixing – Uses and Misuses of Different QA/QC Tests for CDSM Projects – A Contractor's Perspective A. David Miller and Chika Oya, Raito, Inc.
2156 Army Corps Mega Projects Benefits from Innovative Foundations Dale Berner, Ph.D., P.E., and Michael O’Sullivan, P.E., S.E., COWI North America, Inc.
QCQA Programs for Deep FoundationsState-of-the-Art Monitoring Systems
2145 Collaborative Data Sharing During Seepage Barrier Wall Construction at Bolivar Dam – Perspectives from Owner, Contractor and Sub-Contractor Jamey Rosen, P.Geo., and Robert Bacus, Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. Fabio Santillan, Treviicos South Georgette Hlepas, United States Army Corps of Engineers
2146 A Summary of Load Test Results on Large Diameter Open- Ended Pipe Piles in Minnesota Paul J. Axtell, P.E., D.GE, Dan Brown and Associates, PC Michael K. Muchard, P.E., Applied Foundation Testing Rich A. Lamb, P.E., Minnesota Department of Transportation
2147 Mobilizing CIDH Pile Base Resistance on the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project with Tip Grouting Rusty Lucido and Adam Zagorski, Shimmick Construction Company Inc. Curt Scheyhing and Kul Bhushan, Ph.D., P.E., Group Delta Consultants, Inc.
2148 Subsurface Component Design and Construction for a High- Rise in a Dense Urban Environment: A Case History of the 181 Fremont Tower Stephen M. McLandrich, P.E., G.E., and Kirk Ellison, Ph.D., P.E., Arup North America Ltd. Eric S. Lindquist, Ph.D., P.E., Brierley Associates Peter Faust, Malcolm Drilling Company, Inc.
2158 Analysis of Three Axial Load Tests on Large Bored Grouted Deep Foundations Marawan M. Shahien, University of Tanta/Hamza Associates Hayel M. El-Naggar, Housing and Building National Research Centre
2160 Behavior of Instrumented Deep Anchored and Strutted Diaphragm Wall in Soft Rock Dr. Walid Jaber and Amr Al Degwe, NSCC International
2163 Comparison of Load Test Results between ACIP Piles Installed in Sand in Pre-Drilled Holes versus Conventional Installation Tracy Brettmann, Jason Leary, Shailendra Endley and Shashank Valluru, A.H. Beck Foundation Company
2167 DFI and NDT - Parallel Histories and Mutual Benefits Bernard H. Hertlein, GEI Consultants, Inc.
2168 DYNA Force Sensors for Monitoring of Tension/Compression Forces in Ground Anchors & Piles Shahid Islam and Lucian Bogdan, Dywidag-Systems International
2174 Real Time Monitoring of Utility Vaults during Reconstruction of the Elliot Bay Seawall Pierre Gouvin, Geo-Instruments
2175 Real Time Monitoring the Historic Old South Church, Boston, Massachusetts Michael Oakland, WAI, Inc. and Pierre Gouvin, Geo-Instruments
2176 Reflections on Tremie Concreting in Deep Foundations Gilbert R. Tallard, Liquid Earth Support, Inc.
2181 Soil Mixing Monitoring System Quality Control for the SR-83 Project in Florida Wesley Schmutzler and Matteo Bertoni, Treviicos; Christopher Lewis, M.S., P.E., and Danny Winters, Ph.D., P.E., FGE, FGE
2182 Strain Gauge Interpretation Using Automated Collection Systems and the Accuracy of Using Extrapolated Modulus vs Constant Modulus of a Pile, along with the Importance of a Detailed QA/QC Program Michael A. McNicholas, P.E., Moretrench
2183 Systematic Evaluation of Driving Criteria and Performance of Tapered Piles in Glacial Sand Chu E. Ho, Terrence M. Carroll and Dimitrios Niarchos, Arup
Sustainability Practices in Deep Foundation Systems–LeanOptimal Foundation Design, Value Engineering, Recycled Materials and Foundation Reuse
2152 Innovative Foundation Support and Liquefaction Mitigation Using Deep Soil Mixing and Micropiles Wayne Magnusen, P.E., G.E. and Priyanshu Singh, A3GEO, Inc. Ryan Nagle, Malcolm Drilling Company Gina Carlson, S.E. and Leo Panian, Tipping Structural Engineers
2153 Current State of Practice of Corrosion Protection in Europe with Hollow Bars - Comparison to Methods Being Used in North America Alice Y. Tseng, Friedr. Ischebeck GmbH Dan MacLean, Con-Tech Systems
2154 The Berkeley Art Museum: Using Deep Foundations to Repurpose a Historical Building Simon Burnworth, P.E., Condon Johnson & Associates, Inc. Timothy Nelson, P.E., S.E., Degenkolb Engineers
2155 The Use of Controlled Modulus Column (CMC) Ground Improvement for Support of Large Warehouses Brandon T. Buschmeier and Frederic Masse, DGI-MENARD, Inc. Sonia S. Swift, P.E., GEI Consultants, Inc., and Michael P. Walker, GEI Consultants.com
2162 Collaborative Development of Sustainable & Economical Solutions for Underground Structures Abid Adekunte, Geobond (UK) Limited
2173 Levee Repair and Upgrade by Dual Sheet Pile Walls and Accordion Sheet Pile Wall Ali Fayad, P.E., Orange County Public Works Takefumi Takuma and Shigeru Kambe, Giken America Corp.
Seismic Considerations in Deep Foundation Design
2164 Consideration on Liquefaction Resistance of Ground Improved by the Sand Compaction Pile Method Kenji Harada, Mitsuo Nozu, Naotoshi Shinkawa, Kazunori Matsushita, Fudo Tetra Corporation Masaru Sakakibara, Fudo Construction Inc.
2172 Influence of Different Parameters on the Behavior of Laterally Loaded Piles in Sand Musbah A. Hasan, Sirte University; Ahmed M. Nasr, Tanta University; Fauzi Jarushi, Tripoli University
2177 San Francisco International Airport Air Traffic Control Tower Pile Foundations Brian R. Zuckerman, P.E., and Danielle M. Steinmetz, P.E., Berkel & Company Contractors, Inc.; Stephen K. Harris, S.E., P.E., Simson Gumpertz & Heger; Philip J. Meymand, Ph.D., G.E., P.E., URS Corporation; Camilo A. Alvarez, P.E., GRL Engineers, Inc.